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What to Expect on your First Night

Training begins at 8pm sharp and runs until 9pm, please ensure that you arrive at the hall at 7.45pm so that you are not late.  Training fees are collected by Sensei Ger Murphy you will find him at the dojo each training night from 7.40pm.  Administration, Membership, Attendance and other information is handled by Sensei Aaron Kenneally he will also be at the dojo.

The Warm Up

As many karate techniques require flexibility it is important to perform a warm up before training. This is done always at the beginning of the class with every student participating from beginner to black belt. The warm up is a traditional Japanese karate warm up and works on all the major areas in the body, developing flexibility and loosening out the muscles

After the warm up completes the class is broken up into smaller classes for more specific training.

  • Beginner to Yellow Belts
  • Green to Purple
  • and Brown and Black Belts.

What to wear on your first night

For your first night you need only wear a tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt, after a few weeks you can then purchase a karate suit and white belt from a local sports shop, usually a first suit will cost approx 20-30 euro.

Membership and Licences

  • All Karate students are required to hold a karate licence which is purchased annually from SKIF Ireland. 
  • All Students also pay a yearly membership to the club to cover insurance costs. 
  • All students pay a fee each night for training to cover the rental of the hall.

Contact Mayfield Renshukan Karate Club

Telephone: +353831398179 (Sensei Martin O Keeffe)
Facebook: Follow us on Facebook

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